Yard Grading for Home Foundations

Protect Your Foundation

Improper grade is a foundation’s worst enemy as understood by the experts at John Norris Foundation Repair LLC of Olathe, KS. If a yard has a negative grade, this allows water to run towards a foundation wall instead of away which causes many of the foundation problems. We grade the landscape near the house to provide positive drainage away from your home. The correct grading approach helps channel the water to run somewhere else rather than pool around your home’s foundation.

Grade Away From Outside Foundation

The proper positive grade is considered to have 1” fall per foot for the first 6’ to 10’ away from the exterior foundation wall, and cannot be installed closer than 6” from the bottom of the siding. If the area is too close to allow soil grade improvement, a swale is installed 6’ to 10’ away from the exterior foundation wall to direct water away from the area, often times accompanied by drain tile to achieve better runoff. This is done by utilizing grading techniques to divert the surface water away from the home. The water from roofs and all paved surfaces like patios, sidewalks, and driveways must not be allowed to discharge or collect near the structure. Contact us today with your grading questions.

Services provided by Norris Foundation Repair LLC include foundation repair, foundation piering, yard grading for home foundations, wall straightening and excavating, wall bracing, DynaPier, basement waterproofing, drain tile systems, sump pump installation, and foundation crack repair.