Wall Straightening and Excavation

Fix Bowed Basement Walls

Over time, the pressure of expanding soil around your home’s foundation can cause unsafe inward movement. As soils swell, this puts pressure on your foundation walls forcing them inward. John Norris Foundation Repair LLC of Olathe, KS knows that a structural engineer has to examine the foundation and possibly suggest wall straightening. When a foundation wall has inward movement of more than 4 ½ inches, a structural engineer will require wall excavation to the footing, after which the wall has to be returned to a vertical degree of plumb. Additional vertical wall restraints may be required to prevent further movement of the foundation walls. To achieve this, the home is lifted and properly supported to relieve the pressure on the wall.

Install Vertical Wall Restraints

After pressure is relieved, then the wall is excavated and straightened. The exterior of the wall is cleaned and any cracks are then filled. The wall is then waterproofed and insulator board is applied. Interior vertical wall restraints are installed as needed, returning the wall and foundation back to its original structural integrity. Call today to learn how we can assist you.

Services provided by Norris Foundation Repair LLC include foundation repair, foundation piering, yard grading for home foundations, wall straightening and excavating, wall bracing, DynaPier, basement waterproofing, drain tile systems, sump pump installation, and foundation crack repair.