Wall Bracing In Kansas City

Installing Structural Restraints

Anchored I-Beams

Poor drainage and shifting soils around the exterior of the home can result in the foundation walls leaning inward. When soil gets wet it expands which can put pressure on foundation walls, causing them to bow inward. That is why John Norris Foundation Repair LLC of Olathe, KS offers wall bracing services to homeowners. Wall bracing allows your foundation to continue its primary function of supporting the home. We use steel I-beam structural restraints installed according to engineering specifications. We anchor them directly into the concrete floor and attached to the floor joists with steel brackets and bolts, or solid bridging, stopping inward wall movement in its tracks!

Straighten and Fill Wall Cracks

To achieve effective wall bracing, the home is lifted and properly supported to relieve the pressure on the wall. Then the wall is excavated and straightened. The exterior of the wall is cleaned and any cracks are then filled. The wall is then waterproofed and insulator board is applied. Interior vertical wall restraints are installed as needed, returning the wall and foundation back to its original structural integrity. Contact us immediately for help with your foundation issues.

John Norris Foundation Repair Is Your Foundation Repair Expert

Services provided by Norris Foundation Repair LLC include foundation repair, foundation piering, yard grading for home foundations, wall straightening and excavating, wall bracing, DynaPier, basement waterproofing, drain tile systems, sump pump installation, and foundation crack repair.