Foundation Crack Repair

Fix Leaking Wall Cracks

At John Norris Foundation Repair LLC in Olathe, KS, our experienced and skilled technicians know that a basement with a leaking wall crack is generally caused by concrete shrinkage, foundation movement, or hydrostatic pressure pushing the walls in. Soil contraction and expansion, can cause further foundation cracks and separation. Epoxy injection is the pressurized injection of liquid epoxy resin into and completely sealing an interior foundation wall crack. This wall crack repair will help return the structural integrity of the foundation wall and stop water penetration through the crack that is injected.

Prevent Further Structural Damage

Epoxy injection is very effective in preventing and stopping water penetration through existing cracks. This method can be used effectively depending on the home. However, epoxy injection alone will not stop inward movement from soil and ground water pressure on your foundation walls, or further cracking. Other measures will have to be taken to prevent further damage to your walls. For help, we are awaiting your call today.

Services provided by Norris Foundation Repair LLC include foundation repair, foundation piering, yard grading for home foundations, wall straightening and excavating, wall bracing, DynaPier, basement waterproofing, drain tile systems, sump pump installation, foundation crack repair and mudjacking.