DynaPier® Compared to the Concrete Piling Pier

DynaPier Compared to the Concrete Piling PierFor several homeowners choosing the best foundation pier can be an overwhelming decision. There are so many different types of piers available. How do you know which one is the best? At Norris Foundation Repair we only use the DynaPier® foundation piering system. It is simply the strongest foundation pier available. Our piers are so strong that we offer a great warranty on them. Take a look at the DynaPier® foundation piering system compared to the commonly used Concrete Piling piering system.

The Comparison

After comparing the two piers it is easy to see why the DynaPier® is superior. Take a look at a few of the differences below.

  • The DynaPier® is constructed of steel filled with high-strength concrete which makes it extremely strong. We combine the strength of steel and concrete to create a super pier. The concrete piling pier is made of only concrete.
  • The DynaPier® is end-loaded which means it is driven all the way to the point of resistance. Our piers actually hit bedrock, so we know they are driven deep enough to permanently fix the problem. Whereas concrete piling piers are friction piers and not end-loaded, which means they rely on the soil to create the friction needed to hold them in place. There is a huge problem with this system, as the soil gets wet or dries out, the soil will expand and contract causing it to lose friction, which means eventually it will fail. This is a very common problem with these piers.
  • With the DynaPier® system, the shims are contained, but with the concrete piling pier the shims are not contained, so even slight movements in the soil can make the shims misalign and cause settlement.
  • With the concrete piling pier often times the concrete shim sections are intentionally broken onsite with a hammer, this creates an uneven surface that allows for very little contact between the steel shim and the concrete block.

There really is no comparison between these two piers. DynaPier® is clearly the stronger piering system. At Norris Foundation Repair, we provide homeowners relief knowing that our piers provide a one-time permanent fix and we back it up with a warranty.