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Kansas City has found itself in the middle of a dry spell. When this happens, one of the first things a homeowner might notice is how big the cracks in their yard are. Sometimes those cracks can be small. Other times they can be big enough to lose some pocket change in them. Kansas City Soil Cracks Next Home Foundation

Bigger cracks can wreak havoc on a home foundation. In Kansas City, we have expansive clay soil. When a drought happens the soil starts to shrink. The cracks that can be seen in a yard is nothing compared to what is going on under the footing of a foundation.

Imagine having a large sponge under your house. When the moisture dries out from under a foundation, it will try to absorb moisture from proximity. That is when problems occur including the need for foundation repair.

Why water drainage is important

During the drought season, it is important to inspect the interior and exterior walls. If a crack starts to form that can lead to big problems. A crack in a wall could lead to doors and windows not opening or closing all the way or having large cracks in your sheetrock.

During the dry season, it is recommended to walk the exterior and interior and look for cracks around the house. Make sure debris is cleared from downspouts and clean out your gutters. Cracks can also lead to water in your basement during heavy rainstorms. The water can overflow from your gutters and go directly into your basement.

What to do during drought season

Large cracks will allow air to reach deeper into the ground, thus drying out the soil under your property even more. When it does rain, that can cause damage to the interior of the house.

It is important to water the foundation of your home during the dry season. An irrigation system or a soaker hose can help provide moisture to the soil around your foundation walls.

When to call Norris Foundation Repair

If you have noticed cracks in your foundation walls, it is best to act sooner than later. By putting off the issue will only cause your foundation problems to grow. Contact Norris Foundation Repair for a free estimate. For additional information, visit and like us on Facebook.

June 29th, 2020

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