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In most cases, a house is the most expensive investment you’ll ever make. Protecting it is very important. The first sign that you suspect something could be wrong with your foundation, it is best to do your research to find the common signs of foundation problems for your property.
In the Kansas City area, we have expansive clay soil. That means when the soil is wet it expands. A drought or drier conditions will cause the soil around your house to contract. Once the soil contracts, that is when we see foundation failure.

If you have concerns about your home foundation, it is important to contact a reputable foundation repair Kansas City Foundation Repair Companycompany to have them inspect your foundation, basement or bowing walls. A professional technician will be able to pinpoint the source of the problem and provide a solution to fix the issue.

Before you call the first foundation repair company you see advertised, do your research. Make sure to check the Better Business Bureau to ensure they are a reputable company. Seek out the company’s reviews on Google. The last thing a homeowner should do is invite a company into their home that they know nothing about.

Once you have researched the company to give you an estimate, inform yourself on common signs of foundation problems.

Foundation Settling

Houses in the Kansas City metro area built quickly. The first thing a homebuilder lays out on a home is the foundation. Before the concrete is poured, a backhoe digs out the area the concrete will be poured. During this time, the concrete sets on recently disrupted soil. Over time the soil will settle back into place. Unfortunately, voids can be created in the soil under the foundation. When this happens the effects can be visible inside the home.

  • Cracks in walls
  • Doors that stick
  • Cracks around Windows
  • Floors that sag
  • Drywall falling off the ceiling

Each one of these issues should sound the alarm that something is wrong under your home.

Cracks in Walls

If you noticed cracks in your interior or exterior walls, this is an indication that you could have a foundation problem. These cracks can grow due to several reasons. In most cases, climate plays a major role.

It is normal for a house to develop very small cracks in the first few years after being built. However, if you notice horizontal cracks in the brick or concrete block walls of your basement, this could indicate that your home is experiencing a higher volume of settling.

Doors That Stick

If you have noticed that a door isn’t shutting properly or a window is stuck, this is an indication that something is going wrong with the foundation of your home. When an interior door is sticking or dragging across the top of the doorframe, this is an indication that you could have foundation problems. For an exterior door, you will notice that the door drags across the threshold or appear to be uneven across the top of the door.

Cracks Around Windows

A very common sign that you have foundation problems is the gaps that show around window frames. You may notice separation from the frame and wall or cracks that run up the wall around the window. When a window does not alight properly or becomes difficult to open and close this is a time to take notice.

Floors That Sag

If you have noticed that your floors feel uneven or that a ball does not sit still on the floor, this could indicate a major problem. A sagging floor can be hard to detect due to carpet or other floor coverings. Other indications can be from a squeaking floor. When a floor is uneven the wood joists can cause a squeak when you walk over them.

Drywall Falling Off The Ceiling

In extreme cases, we have seen drywall fall from ceilings. This can be caused by bowing walls or foundation settlement issues. The walls bow outward causing the drywall on the ceiling to loosen. This can be very dangerous for anyone under the falling sheetrock.

Contacting A Foundation Repair Expert

If you notice any of these issues contact Norris Foundation Repair for a free estimate. We have serviced the Kansas City metro for nearly 25 years and we have a BBB A+ rating. We will access your property and provide you a recommendation to fix your foundation problems.

December 31st, 2019

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