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Mudjacking from Norris Foundation RepairMost homeowners know that in time most driveways, walkways, patios and porches will settle, become uneven and crack. At Norris Foundation Repair, we want to inform homeowners of some of the causes of settlement and when to repair it. Most concrete slabs can be repaired with mudjacking.

What Causes Concrete Slabs to Settle?

What causes concrete slabs to settle? Much of this is due to weather conditions that can cause settling and shifting of the ground underneath concrete slabs. Water can wash away the dirt around your driveway, sidewalk or porch causing voids underneath the concrete slabs. These voids will cause the slabs to settle and crack. When this happens, it hurts your property value and can cause trip hazards. Also, uneven concrete slabs can be tough to maneuver in the winter with snow and ice. Norris Foundation Repair can repair the issues that exist on your property related to the cracking or other damage to concrete slabs.

Mudjacking Vs. Pouring Concrete

Replacing a driveway is very expensive. Just because there are a few cracks in the driveway that doesn’t mean you need to pour a new one. Most likely it can be repaired with mudjacking. A huge benefit of mudjacking is the cost. It is far less expensive to repair damaged concrete than to rip it out and install new slabs. But how do you know when to mudjack and when to pour new concrete slabs? It is important to have a professional evaluate your property and inform you of the best repair solution. Most likely you can save your current concrete slabs and repair them. Repairing damaged concrete slabs will save you a lot of money.

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September 27th, 2016

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